Kayaks From Cornfields- Swell’s Wefunder Surpasses $100k!!!

Swell Watercraft is well on it’s way towards building a Illinois based rotomolding facility, thanks to success at the equity crowdfunding site wefunder.com.

They’ve now raised over $100,000 from investors eager to help bring more of the highly reviewed and patent pending kayaks. They also want to take advantage of shifting economics in international shipping that have recently made the US an extremely advantageous to manufacture large items.

Reaching $100,000 triggers a payout that allows us to put a down payment on building our rotomolding machine. The machine will be built in South Africa by the experienced Celliers Kruger, which has established 3 successful kayak factories previously. Kruger plans to travel to the US to help us do the install, begin manufacturing, and will provide an extended service agreement so things run smoothly.

Installation of the rotomolding oven will begin in October, and we plan on being fully operational before Christmas.

You can invest in Swell Watercraft until May 30 here: https://wefunder.com/swellwatercraft
Any questions can be directed to jim@swellwatercraft.com

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