CEKR Ichibi Paddle




The Ichibi is a hybrid paddle. Like Van Halen, it gives you The Best of Both Worlds: high angle and low angle. It’s designed to be fast yet efficient, so you waste minimal energy and minimal time in your open water crossings.

CEKR’s touring paddles are all about stability in the forward stroke, and the Ichibi is no exception. It is flutter-free and 100% predictable. It is also super smooth in sliding strokes, and very stable when used for bracing.

The Ichibi blade is carefully constructed with a composite mixture of carbon fiber, different types of glass and a tough epoxy resin with a carbon/glass shaft.

Fast, yet efficient. Light, yet durable.

-Adjustable 2-piece breakdown
-220 CM Long
-760 kg weight
-500mm x 180mm, 624cm² blade size
-Designed by Celliers Kruger