Shipping Kayaks Safely and Securely

Shipping kayaks can sometimes feel like gambling. You spend lots and lots of time adding foam packing or bubble wrap only to end up mercy to the guys working at the various trucking terminals. There are times when heavy pallets or products will be stacked directly on top of kayaks in bags. Breakage can occur.
Enter the kayak shipping box- the longest cardboard box ever assembled in the state of Washington. It has perfect dimensions to fit the Scupper 14 kayak.

It costs us a lot of extra funds and effort to get this added security into our shipping. The box costs more than shipping insurance- so, why do we do it? Answer: we believe that the purchase of a non essential product of this magnitude deserves a GREAT customer experience. You chose our service- well then we will go above and beyond to make it the best possible experience.
Of course we back up everything we sell 100% satisfaction. But we understand that once that kayak arrives it’s time to paddle, not time to wait for another product to show up weeks later.
Stackable boxes receive a much better level of treatment on trucks and in terminals. So far, we’ve had 100% success rate with these simple boxes to avoid damages. Inside the boxes they are layered with foam and a very thick plastic bag that’s water tight.

Customers can sit back and relax. Unpack it. Head to the water. And leave your troubles behind you for a bit.

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