Swell Re-Opens Investment Opportunity as New Factory Breaks Ground

Swell Watercraft has drawn closer to it’s goal of converting “Cornfields into Kayaks”, as ground breaking begins on it’s new factory in Ellsworth, Iowa. They have re-opened their successful Wefunder.com investment opportunity for a limited time, but without wefunder involved as a middle man. Investor terms are the same as previous, and can be seen @ https://wefunder.com/swellwatercraft/.

This time, all investments will go directly to Swell Watercraft. This gives individuals another opportunity to invest in the fastest up and coming kayak company in the world. Swell’s patent-pending kayaks have received nothing but 5 star reviews and are currently being distributed in places like Chile, Finland, the UK and South Africa.

Anyone investing $2500 or more will receive a lifetime 15% discount on kayaks. $5000 gets you the free kayak of your choice-including the Scupper 16-which will be available in 2023.

Any questions surrounding these investments can be submitted to founder Jim Marsh by calling 425-301-2514 or emailing jim@swellwatercraft.com.

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