Swell Ramps Up International Distribution

Swell Watercraft, builder of the ground breaking ‘Scupper’ series of kayaks, expanded international distribution dramatically in 2021.

Puerto Rico: Swell’s oldest and most established international distributor continues to be The Shack in Puerto Rico. They’ve expanded to 2 retail locations, the newest being 8,000 sq ft!!!

Chile: The Scupper 12 and 14 are currently onsale in Chile with Kano Outdoors. Kano is a full service equipment provider, with everything from tents and sleeping bags, to bikes and kayaks.

United Kingdom: Cambridge Kayaks, located in Diss, England will cover the United Kingdom for Swell Watercraft. They received their first container of Swell boats in February 2022, with plenty of Scupper 14 kayaks haven been reserved in advance.

Netherlands: Located in Bergschenhoek, KanoShop Holland is currently celebrating it’s 50th year anniversary. That’s a rarity in the world of paddlesports! Talk to them for Swell boats in the Netherlands.

Finland: Paddlesports Passion, headed by experienced paddler Timo Lehtonen, will distribute Swell Watercraft to qualified retailers in Finland, Sweden, Denmark, all Baltic countries, Belarus, and Poland.

We invite any distributors from countries not represented on our current map to contact us. We’re thrilled other in foreign countries have seen the application of our new technology to their territories.
It’s worldwide distribution time.

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