Swell Builds it’s New Factory in Iowa!

Ellsworth, IA– Swell Watercraft, whose unique style of sit-on-top kayak has been heralded on 4 continents, poured it’s concrete floor inside it’s new roto-molding factory in Central Iowa. This allows Swell to finally plan it’s move-in and roto-molding machine set up.

The factory has 10-foot deep pit so that the Rock-N-Roll oven is allowed to freely move up and down within it, and the workers can work at floor level. The roto-molding oven “rocks” up and down with strong hydraulics, and rolls as the mold spins in a circle within it.

The facility is 5,000 square feet, featuring ample airflow though it’s large doors on both ends. Swell makes their kayaks one-at-a-time and expects they will pump out around 2,000 units/year unless more than one shift per day is added. It’s located on I-35 interstate about halfway between Minneapolis and Kansas City. Swell sees this as an advantageous place to distribute from, being central to North America.

When are Kayaks Expected to Deliver?
Kayak orders will be filled in the order we received them once we are fully operational in Ellsworth. We expect to start pumping them out around September 1. If you have ordered a boat and you have any questions, please contact info@swellwatercraft.com and thanks for your patience.

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