Scupper 14


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Speed is the name of the game for the Scupper. But with a side order of advanced comfort and stability.

In the 1970’s Tim Niemier began building sit-on-top kayaks in Malibu, CA. In the 1980’s he started a revolution with his Scupper line of plastic kayaks. Over the next few decades these kayaks reigned supreme. Until now. The Swell Watercraft Scupper 14 was born as Tim’s final installment in the series.

Tim’s concept was to lower the footwells below the waterline, which had never been done in a sit-on-top. This would lower the center of gravity, creating leverage, shrink the paddle entry zone, allow for superior body position and a more narrow hull.

The Scupper is molded in cutting edge 2-layer polyethylene, which is both lighter and stiffer than traditional roto molded plastic. This material makes for a superior kayak on and off the water.

The narrow hull and paddle cuts make for a short, natural stroke. No more banging knuckles on the side of the boat.

The bow accesses the largest hatch in the world, with plenty of room for camping gear, coolers, fish bags, rods or spear guns. The tankwell fits a milk crate, Yeti cooler, 5-gallon bucket or a scuba tank. There is a Transducer scupper as well as Live Bait Well scupper. Tour with it. Fish from it. Dive from it. Camp in it. Swell installs performance. You design the adventure.

Special Features

-New Construction has increased stiffness @ only 58lbs.

-Scupper Drainage Valves exit any water that gathers in your footwells.

-Extremely large Bow Hatch for hull access as well as 9″ Oval Day Hatch.

-9″ as well as 6″ Yak Attack Gear Tracks for mounting accessories.

-Transducer & Live Baitwell Scuppers for mounting electronics.

-Drain Plug, Paddle Holders, Bottle Holder, Skid Plate, Rudder Attachment, Seat


Additional information

Weight 58 lbs
Dimensions 14.1 × 25.5 in

Blue Steel, Chatreuse, Safety Orange


390 lbs.