Scupper 16 Adventure Version


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The Adventure Version includes: 1. Footwell Deck Pads, 2.  Tankwell Deck Pads, 3.  4.5″ Bow Hatch with Red Insert Bag

The Scupper 16 kayak delivers world class speed + stability in a comfortable sit on top. Want to keep up with sea kayaks? They may have to paddle hard to keep up with you.

The 16 are rudder controlled with the Sealect Designs TruCourse. It contains many of the deck features of it’s brothers, the 12 and 14. ‘Mo Cheeks seat, aluminum grab handles, and the largest, most camping-ready bow hatch in the world.

This is the fastest SOT kayak ever built. But don’t be fooled, it’s incredibly stable. This is made possible through our patented Scupper Valves drainage system. This allows you to ride lower, allowing the kayak to be slimmer without sacrificing balance. The slimmer profile allows for more speed and to turn easier, using less shoulders, and more hips. This naturally progresses your paddling technique.

Join the team now and be the first to usher in the new era!


-Includes Sealect Designs’ Trucourse Rudder system.

-Fastest sit-on-top you can find anywhere.

-4 aluminum grad handles for easy carrying.

-3 hatches for storage, including very large access in the bow.

-6″ YakAttack Gear Track for Accessories.

-‘Mo Cheeks seat keeps you comfortable all day long.


Additional information

Weight 66 lbs
Dimensions 192 × 24 × 13 in

Blue Steel, Chatreuse, Safety Orange


390 lbs.